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Unique Handcrafted Handbags and Accessories

"I ordered a handmade bag with multiple addtions and alterations that would have flummoxed the best seamstresses. Lisa was patient and got everything right in a pretty short amount of time." R.J.

Unique Handcrafted Handbags and accessories
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Looking for unique handcrafted handbag and accessories? I’ve got them! Do you want a one one of a kind artisan crafted item? That’s what I do! StarShine Handmade takes great pride in providing classic and eclectic fashion accessories for the unique woman.

Distinctive, eye-catching handbags, purses and accessories that are created for your personal self-expression.Our one of a kind pieces are anything but ordinary!

Every item is hand crafted with artistic flair and high functioning fashion in mind. I also do a limited amount of custom items created just for you! I always use the finest boutique fabrics. All of my products are cruelty free and vegan! My styles include classic, vintage and eclectic.